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British Breeze Beijing Expo


Just before Prince William presented “Great Britain” in China at the start of the Year of the Sheep, the 88 Guild brought “British Breeze” to the British Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing. Celebrities, entrepreneurs and heads of various groups joined the CEO of 88 Guild Ms Linna Huang Hardwick to appreciate the aristocratic British culture and lifetyle. 


The Hon. Alexandra Foley from Lady Foley Grand Tour showed the beauty of British royal castles and invited all guests to visit on a personalised luxury aristocratic tour. Ms Lin Ma, the general representative of British luxury brand Lana Marks introduced Princess Diana’s favourite handbag brand to the audience. Truefitt & Hill’s manager of China, Ms Liu Yang, also presented the oldest male grooming brand and demonstrated the skills of the traditional British barber’s blade.


The event reached its peak with the British hat designer Phillip Wright. Demonstrating with a range of hat styles, he explained his belief in how hats can be the most important part of an outfit. “Hat tells all the stories of the person who wears it.”  He then showed the winning technics of wearing hats and personally chose styles for the guests, which was very well received by the audience.


For a chance to meet leading experts in different industries and experience the finest of British culture, “British Breeze” received an excellent response from the VIP guests.  The success of the event continued to the next day’s afternoon tea party held in Virig Boutique at Sanlitun in Beijing.

The events were aiming to promote British boutique brands and heritage to a wilder scales of international audience. “British Breeze” can't be succesdul without great supported from both British and Chinese organisations including UKTI and CBBC. Please see the highlights of the event.   

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