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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Surrey Music Academy (SMA) is an independent, educational partnership of private music teachers offering a range of services to schools and individuals in the UK. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to receive an excellent music education. Learning an instrument gives children a skill for life, develops confidence and self-esteem and enhances cognitive development.

Orchestra Conductor on Stage

Our Services

Individual & Group Lessons

Individual and group lessons on a wide range of musical instruments and voice


Varies sizes of ensemble 

Chamber Music Workshop

Whole Class Teaching

Whole class music teaching for Key Stages 1-4

Orchestra Workshop

Orchestra for the youth


Recruiting music and art teachers for schools and oversea institutions

Online Theory Lessons

Online music theory lessons at all levels

Holiday Music School

Offer residential and non-residential. (Check out our 2024 Summer Music School)

Other Music Events

Often organize music events both locally and internationally

Playing the Piano


Image by Adam Cai




Image by İsmail korkmaz


Image by Samuel  Sianipar


Image by Marius Masalar


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